I’m pretty excited to teach again this semester.

Next Tuesday I’ll be teaching Foundations of Leadership in Sustainability for the fourth time. There are a bunch of things I’m excited about. Three stand out.   1. We have some new materials in this course. We will explore Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante to bring Indigenous people’s issues more to light. My co-teacher … More I’m pretty excited to teach again this semester.

The Ulysses Sonata

This is a four-movement work for viola and piano inspired by the Tennyson poem, “Ulysses.” Movements: 1. It little profits that an idle king, 2. Meet adoration to my household gods 3. The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep Moans round with many voices. 4. One equal temper of heroic hearts Chamber … More The Ulysses Sonata

Eulogy to a fox

A few years ago I lived at a boy’s boarding school. The Kiskiminetas Springs School—Kiski—rests on 350 acres in rural western Pennsylvania. There was a run I loved to do there. From spring through fall, I’d run off of campus, across a pair of bridges, to an old canal trail paralleling the Conemaugh River. A … More Eulogy to a fox

Proud Country of Angry Peasants

Proud Country of Angry Peasants the trees are preparing winter’s cover setting out the russet          yam and        pallid lemon quilt, the funereal garb lain down from stream to ridge winds gust over the tight hills across fields scars   baskets           clear cuts     cornucopia    wounds and gifts. a murder of bothered crows … More Proud Country of Angry Peasants

Reason 4,582 that we should rein in the fracking industry

“A study of birth records found newborns living within 3 kilometers of fracking sites were less healthy than those born farther away, and those within 1 kilometer saw the largest effects,” reports Inside Climate News. They examined records of infants born before & after the fracking boom to the same mother, finding higher incidence of negative … More Reason 4,582 that we should rein in the fracking industry