Returns. Rides. Rejuvenation.

Wow. It feels good to be typing here. Really good. Mm. To write about the forest again and reflect with you. Just to let you know what’s up with what, I’ll give a little scoop.

Over the last year I stepped away from this blog. Not for a lack of writing, but because I had to do things like complete my  dissertation (check), compile a book of poetry (check), move (twice…check), take two jobs (one farming and the other very research intensive and full of writing at the Penn State Sustainability Institute), and other this-es and that-s. The coming few months and years will have some more of these this-es and that-s as well.

I’m in a place now where I can write here again from time to time. I’ll be shifting a bit from what I did before. There will still be poetry drafts here, but never final versions. Because I’m steeped in environmental and sustainability issues, research, and philosophy, I’ll share thoughts and feeling on those here. Whatever my positions or affiliations are, this blog will always be 100% my own and will never claim to speak for anyone else unless they say so. I work at the Penn State Sustainability Institute, serve on the Sierra Club Moshannon group Executive Committee, and am an administrator of a grant for a farmer’s market (I’m really not a hippie). None of this is ever intended to state anything on behalf of those organizations though what I do is steeped in work with and for them. You know what I’m getting at.

Over the next few months, I’ll be writing on a few things for sure.

    • I’ll write on our changing climate and our place in the world, talking with people I know and meet, and bringing you deeper into relationship with the breathing creation. Some of this will probably be pretty wonky and some of it not so much. You’ll see. Environmental philosophy from a bike-riding nerdy metalhead. Somehow it’ll work.
    • Poetry is an important part of my life. For a couple of years I was sharing most of it a lot. For now, I’ll share drafts or parts that I’m working through because it’s just a good practice for me. But final versions will be saved for submissions and publications.
    • In May, I’m doing some intense bike stuff that’ll come back in July. In early May, I’m joining some excellent people on the PA Interfaith Power and Light PA-to-DC ride to raise awareness on climate change. We are an interdenominational group of people concerned with the gravity and pace of a rapidly changing climate. You can learn more about us here (I’ll post some of my rider profile elsewhere with an expanded reflection). At the end of May, I’m doing the Transylvania Epic, a seven-day mountain bike stage race. It’ll be my second time. I have no real competitive goals, but just doing it for the joy of riding far and fast in the woods for seven days. I’ll do a 100-mile mountain bike race in July too. So I’ll be musing on bikes and woods.
    • Finally, there’s miscellany. Metal. News. Fatherhood. That stuff.

Will you be visiting? I hope so. I’m looking forward to the rejuvenation.


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