11289390_10108709596720244_1287886439701863350_oI’m running on the Water Slate for Ferguson Township. As invested community members in a beautiful and prosperous area, we need leadership that envisions our small part of the world in big ways. That’s what Laura Dininni, Colleen Unroe, and I (Peter Buckland) will do. Write us in for Ferguson board of supervisors today.

It’s time for clean leadership and clean water. We will fight for responsible stewardship of our community, environmental, and fiduciary resources. We will be transparent in the conduct of our affairs, protect our community and environmental rights, and further smart planning in light of the region’s continued transformation. Our vision is one of responsive and responsible leadership, long-term community health and wellbeing, high environmental quality and stewardship, and economic resilience and innovation.

Recent events have shown that the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors is out of touch with the vision Ferguson Township needs. The conditional approval of high-density luxury student housing by the township board threatens the entire region’s Harter and Thomas well fields, wells that provide 2/3 of the drinking water to 75,000 people every day. This shows a lack of civic engagement by the board, irresponsible land management, and a commitment to sprawl and business as usual. [For more on the issue go to Steady State College. If you want to get connected go to the Save State College Water FB page or follow @SaveSCWater or me @pdbuckland on Twitter.]

This isn’t the only issue we face though. I’m not running as a one-trick pony hell bent on this issue alone. As we look forward into this race and the coming years, we see pressures and opportunities coming along with technological innovations that our region contributes to. Our relationship with regional governments, community groups, the State College Area School District, Penn State University, businesses, entrepreneurs, and other partners mean we have a lot of good work to accomplish together. Given our township’s and our region’s incredible natural beauty we must be mindful–dare I say conservative–about what land we use and how we use it. At the same time, we know that our region has been highly rated on many measures. Lumosity voted State College the second smartest city in the nation. Let’s live up to it!

But in light of the recent conditional sale of land that has stirred a hornet’s nest, we need to be wiser about development, growth, and conservation. What other opportunities do we have to foster innovation while sustaining our forests, fields, waterways, and thriving community spaces? I think quite a few.

I look forward to working for the people of Ferguson Township for the coming term. But first, if you are a voter in Ward 2 write me in. If you are in Ward 2, you vote at the following places:
rguson Township Building (3147 Research Drive); Elmcroft of State College (150 Farmstead Drive); State College Evangelical Free Church (1243 Blue Course Drive); or Stepping Stones Community Church (848 Science Park Road).

To vote for Laura Dininni in the 1st WARD: Ferguson Township Lions Park (424 West Pine Grove Road), Fairbrook United Methodist Church (4201 W. Whitehall Road); or Videon Central (2171 Sandy Drive).

To vote for Colleen Unroe in the 3rd WARD go to: Park Crest Terrace Apartments (1400 Martin Street); or Mike’s Video and Appliance (1515 N. Atherton Street).


Thank you for being an engaged citizen.

To today!



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