Last night’s meeting of SCBWA and Ferguson Board of Supervisors

Today’s CDT has a piece on last night’s meeting between the Ferguson Board of Supervisors and the State College Borough Water Authority. I’ll have to write more on this later if I can. Suffice it to say, that Jason Grottini who spoke said something that I’ve said too.

Source water protection Chairman Jason Grotinni said that while personally he thinks there is minimal water quality risk with the development, he thinks the project could set a precedent.

“This is the first time the water authority has been brought in to look at a development in my six years with the board,” he said. “We build a lot of crummy, cookie-cutter developments across this community that make our greater community look a little less interesting.”

He said he was both excited and disappointed in the community involvement regarding the project, saying that while it’s good to have a room full of residents who are concerned about what’s going, prior to this project, no members of the public have shown any interest in water issues.

“There’s room for improvement with everything we do as a community and representatives,” he said.

Ultimately, the board was still seeking an answer on the Cottages project, Supervisor Steve Miller said, saying “We have a plan on the table that has reached the point where we have to vote yes or no on it, and there are a lot of implications either way.”

Yes there are. While there may not be an imminent and substantive threat to our water, it doesn’t mean there is no threat to water nor that this project doesn’t set a precedent for more sprawl. So stay involved and fight for source water protection, smart and ecological designs that favor the region’s innovative capacities, that build on our love of green and open spaces, and that create the kinds of jobs that fulfill us.


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