Cautious optimism

Yesterday I met David Gray, Senior VP of Finance and Business at Penn State, and Steve Maruszewski, Assistant VP for the Office of Physical Plant at Penn State. It was productive, collegial, and gives me some optimism. That’s not to say it lacked tension. But I think it was creative. [Since I didn’t go in as a journalist I’m not going to say anything about conversational details.]

I’ll share four things. First, Penn State will still sell the land to the Toll Brothers. I asked them not to. They’d be sued if they didn’t. And lose. Second, there could be a conservation win out of this. But the devil is in the details and there’s some work to be done. If it works, we will all know. Third, I’ve never regretted being kind, loving my home fiercely, and finding hope in action. Fourth, I met people where they were and they met me too. We are people with volition who agreed to converse. We aren’t angels and demons.

We will see what happens next. To today. To tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Cautious optimism

  1. Me either. And rather than exist in a world with The Empire and The Rebellion, I had to ask the people who know instead of yelling at the fictional characters who can’t tell you anything.


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