Resources I like for environment, sustainability, and thinking

I have ways of gathering information, my daily and weekly trusted sources. I put them in my Twitter feed, they open as my home page, I pick them up on newsstands, and I get email alerts from them. Maybe you just want something new to read.

The following are just regular places I visit that might not be on your radar. I go to them because they are provide some combination of insight, breaking news, or pleasure. Most of them deal with environment and sustainability, but a few are also just sources for attacking bad thinking and exercising my mind or they push me into kindness. So in no particular order…

Yale E360. This site is regularly updated with stories, interviews, and videos from a range of people doing cutting edge work in environment science (social, biological, & physical), environmental justice, and environmental policy.

DotEarth at the NY Times. Science journalist and Pace University Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding writes on “efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits.” What I love about Revkin is his commitment to developing good conversations.

The Cultural Cognition Project Blog at the Yale Law School. What’s going on with this? It’s a bunch of Yale around here. But Dan Kahan (and occasional guest posters…one time me) look into how our cultural values and allegiances influence our beliefs, our behaviors, and who we think we are. Like me, Kahan and his fellow researchers are really into contentious issues where public perception, science, and policy clash—evolution, nuclear power, GMOs, vaccines, and of course climate change.

Daily Climate. This is hands down the best run down available online of the day’s and week’s climate news. Peter Dykstra and company bring a lot to bear to keep us up to date on what’s happening, who’s doing it, and where it’s going down. Additionally, PRI’s Living on Earth does a weekly roundup “behind the headlines” with Dykstra each week.

NeuroLogica Blog. Steve Novella is the president of the New England Skeptics Society and academic clinical neurologist at…wait…Yale University’s School of Medicine. He’s also an incredible mind, gifted at cutting through bad thinking, and helping us think. Sometimes his style rubs a but rough but if you want to cut into something trendy that has to do with diet, health, conspiracies, and even…gulp…GMOs, you’ll find Neurologica compelling.

Dr Robert Bullard’s Twitter page. Bullard has been called “the father of environmental justice.” He brings home the deep connection between how we arrange our lives, our relationships with the environment, and how both of those perpetuate racism or create freedom and opportunity for more of us.

A ton of my favorite people aren’t represented here, but it’s a start. Have fun.


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