Mountain biking with my son

My son is a lot of fun. He’s eight. He loves being outside, loves bugs, wants adventures, lives in wonder and marvel, draws pictures of invented creatures, plays baseball and…I’ll stop. I love him. And yesterday we went mountain biking in the Scotia gamelands.

sacha in scotiaHe’d not gone on this kind of terrain yet and it pushed him. Sandy uphills. Roots galore. Plenty of twists and turns and swarming gnats. And logs. Plenty of logs. A bunch he couldn’t get over (6″ to 14″ in diameter) and a few that I wondered about. Like this one below. I was thrilled that he persevered on our three-mile jaunt. That he made it over some logs going downhill on a new (to him) bike? Icing on the cake.

Most of all I hope that I can show my son three things: First, that I love these woods and being in them with him. I can’t make him love but I think he will see the pleasure and meaning the woods give me. Second, that playing on a bike in this beautiful world brings real joy because it is the most human of our transportation technologies next to shoes. We can go very fast and go to many places and even carry a bunch of stuff on a bike, all under our own power. Third, a bike provides us ways to fail and come back. You can crash and get back on and pedal again.

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