Kim Davis and Resistance

I deplore Kim Davis’s stance and admire her stand.

My sister Catharine has been married to her wife Julie for more than ten years. They are a wonderful couple. A joy in my life. I have gay cousins, friends and peers who have been denied the decency of respect and recognitions that indecent straight shmucks are gifted by virtue of antiquated Bronze Age nonsense. Kim Davis’s beliefs and actions fruited from a poisonous tree, no tree a good God would plant.

Kim Davis has guts. I have to admire a person who is willing to be arrested for obstructing what she believes is the machinery of oppression. As someone of conscience, I have to admire that. The folks I know and admire who are fighting because black lives matter and to keep tar sands in the ground and high minority and poor schools off of brownfields should know what I mean. Sometimes when you really believe it, you have to show it. She showed it.

I’m glad she was removed. We won. She lost. We should win because we stand for equality, justice and love. She should have lost because she stood (and will stand I guess) for disparity, segregation and hatred. I wish her a good life doing something else.


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