About time Clinton said #NoKeystoneXL

It’s good to see that Hillary Clinton has come out against the Keystone XL pipeline. About time she embraces sense.

But color me skeptical of her opposition. Based on her past and her seeming poll-driven marketing strategy, I think she’s too much the political insider. She’s been moved by big corporate interests before and she will be again and gladly so. She will continue to champion the causes of bags of money dressed up as people. At least she’s listened to some sense for the time being…or at least felt the burn of not listening.

Martin O’Malley’s comment on this is right. He wrote:

“On issue after issue — marriage equality, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, children fleeing violence in Central America, the Syrian refugee crisis, and now the Keystone Pipeline, Secretary Clinton has followed — not forged — public opinion. Leadership is about stating where you stand on critical issues, regardless of how they poll or focus group.
“The American people want a President who will lead — not just someone who will tell them what they want to hear. On many of these issues, I staked out positions and got things done — even when they were politically unpopular. That’s what’s at stake in this election: the difference between conviction and convenience, and the gulf between actions and words.”

Clinton could have and should have led on Keystone. She has not. Perhaps we will see her work to craft a much more sensible national energy strategy that builds on her stated commitment to big investments into renewable energy, especially solar. But does she have the interest and will to push the fossil fuel industry back? She has tons of will. But I’m not convinced she has the interest.


2 thoughts on “About time Clinton said #NoKeystoneXL

  1. At her Dover, NH Town Hall venue this year Hillary Clinton clearly states the precedent that CapitalismFail has over climate change in the political reasoning she is party too. She statated, regardless of the votes it might garner, that advocacy for anything that was outside the needs of CapitalismFail is just so much hot air. It may feel like politicians should lead, but, generally, the ones who get elected–and almost always those who get re-elected–follow.

    Given the repurposing of existing pipeline systems, and expansion of rail transport that has been underway in parallel to the KXL pipeline, it is not a stretch for me to see KXL as a game theory false flag thing. To the degree this is so, this shift in position by Hillary, is likely either a planned move for which the timing may have been scheduled for later; or her handlers have moved on. Keystone’s financial strategic value has primarily been that it enabled Alberta tar sands oil to be marketed in the US dollar. As such, this oil provides a phased replacement for the conventional oil fields of OPEC that currently support the US dollar. For the $ to retain its global reserve status, either the preponderance of global oil sales needs to continue to be denominated in it, or a new strategy developed for maintaining its hegemony.

    The scientific guardrail regarding 2° & the need for the remaining fossil carbon to stay in the ground, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals being adopted this morning at the UN that ‘should’ guide political and economic choices through 2030, these suggests that the KXL pipeline may have served its diversionary purpose. If so, can’t it now be symbolically denied? If so, this shift can be seen as a poorly executed transition, unless we see a market basket of currencies replacing the dollar’s hegemony ‘appear’ as part of COP21. If it does and its structure concurrently maintains US dominance, I will again be agog at the brilliance affecting game theory strategy…at least in the short run.

    Assuming James Hansen’s comments at the SDG conference at Columbia on Wednesday are the ’story’ science gives us to inform our social behavior, an ungovernable future is locked in regarding the current ‘democratic’ paradigm. If so I can see with this short-term win the psychological and sociological framework also being laid for autocratic exercise of power in the vain hope of ‘managing’ klimakatastrophe through geo-engineering.

    ‘We’ do have myths regarding hubris.


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