No walls

Do you remember the exhilaration of watching the Berlin Wall fall? Do you remember those moments when you felt as though the people behind the Iron Curtain would be free to speak their minds? To sing as they wished? To assemble and worship in a new free world? Do you remember they’d be free to … More No walls


I wrote the first draft of this poem about 10 years ago. I’ll revise it again. THEATRE In the theatre, the dark actors become conscious of being in consciousness, of belonging to mighty fate unseeing. Bewildered by the dancing shadow puppets on the wall, they scream at mimicked life so cast helplessly enthralled. Maya projects … More Theatre


Are you craving some time for reflection? Perhaps a copy of Heartwood is in order. From Eifrig Press’s website:  Heartwood considers what it means to be human in the Anthropocene—the age of humans. By rapidly reconstituting the atmosphere, oceans, soils, and the living world, are we cutting and shuffling ourselves and our relationships?  In the … More Heartwood

Planning commission rejects the Cottages (plus small budget news)

A lot has happened in the last week. Here’s a quick rundown. Last week I was elected to be a supervisor for Ferguson Township (FT). Thank you all for voting. Now we are in the phase of preparing and doing groundwork. Monday night the FT Planning Commission (FTPC) held meetings to decide their recommendations on … More Planning commission rejects the Cottages (plus small budget news)