Thank you for voting!

Yesterday was Election Day and what a day it was for the Democrats–including me–in the Centre Region and for the state elections.

The state Supreme Court race turned into a referendum on Republican control, with all three of the seats now occupied by Democrats. As the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports today,

If the results hold, Democrats will hold five seats on the seven-member court. While the candidates themselves took pains to downplay partisan considerations during the race, the results should give the Democrats a political advantage in redrawing boundaries for the state Legislature after the 2020 Census. The Supreme Court usually picks a decisive fifth member to a redistricting commission otherwise evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

I think there’s something screwy about electing Supreme Court justices. I don’t like it. But all things being equal, the people of Commonwealth should be glad that we will have a court who should redraw the electoral map in Pennsylvania. We should all insist that it actually represent the people, and not some gerrymandered chess board that deliberately rigs advantage into a party, especially the party that doesn’t represent the majority of voters.

In Centre County races, you can see results posted at the Centre County Elections website. Big congratulations to Mark Higgins and Mike Pipe who will be serving together with Republican Steve Dershem as Centre County Commissioners. Katie Oliver won a seat on the bench. My friend Amber Concepcion looks like she earned the most votes in the State College Area School District race, so special props to her.

And in our Ferguson race Colleen Unroe, Laura Dininni, and I each won. I’m a bit confused about Unroe’s election because she was listed as not meeting a residency requirement in the CDT last month. Perhaps something has changed? I assume the elections office will act on this. Dininni won in by 58:42 margin over Dick Mascolo. I won with 1108 votes to 43 write-in votes. Being unopposed has its perks. A combination of groundwork (for Dininni especially), frustration in Ferguson over the Toll Brothers development, and the Democratic wave no doubt helped. Thanks to everyone who voted!

So now it’s time to get to work. Next week I will be at the budget meetings for the township. January will be here before we know it and we will be serving.


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