News on Climate Letter

In the last few days, local and statewide news have run stories on our climate action letter to Penn State administrators. Dr. Jonathan Brockopp and I co-authored a letter signed by 46 other faculty and staff asking for the university administration to formulate a plan to get to zero carbon emissions by 2050. We know it’s a huge ask and that it won’t magically happen with bubblegum and unicorns. It takes…Real. Hard. Work. And we are here as members of the community, duty-bound and morally obligated to support them and help as we can. Given how well off and educated we are, we have to do what is right. We are our brothers’ keepers. And I think the news has, so far, fairly well reflected that.

State Impact PA has a story upThe Centre Daily Times had one up at the end of last weekLancaster Online also featured a story. I know that WPSU and a local Fox station did coverage as well but I don’t see them online.

It’s great to see that climate change has entered the consciousness to the point where deniers are no longer considered relevant to the news and that the action now is where it needs to be–what’s the newest science and what we are going to do about it.


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