A new supervisor is coming

On Tuesday night (usually Monday but it’s President’s Day), the Ferguson board of supervisors will vote on the appointment of a fifth supervisor. This past week, we interviewed six candidates and had great talks with each of them. On Monday, the board will deliberate on this matter in front of all of you. Please come so that you can see that we are committed to good deliberation for you, the people.

Before I get too far along, I need thank the people who’ve applied to be supervisors. We in Ferguson know that the last election came on the heels of a major rift in our community. It showed us that we need to be thinking ahead as a community instead of reacting and that we, the people who passed a community and environmental bill of rights need to step up and be the process. Notice that. It’s not that we need to be part of the process. We are the process. So the people who have stepped up, to be for the community, the charter, the land, for the direction that makes us better than very good…I thank you. Thank you so much. You honor your home, your family, and each of us.

So I go back to my criteria for selecting a supervisor. I placed them on my blog last week and will reiterate them again:

Four things work in my mind as I am evaluating the candidates. They are the basic qualifications, the service record of the individual themselves, their performance in the interview, and the will of the people. First, we have to have someone who meets the residency requirements. Obviously, we have to avoid Ms. Unroe’s situation. Second, how have they served the community? Third, does their position on political issues align with the will of the voters in Ward 3? I can’t read tea leaves but the election results should be honored as well as we can honor them with the candidates before us.

And to that I can now add their interview performances. All of them did well, some excellently, and some with nuance and depth. I can say that my heart and mind are full and that my conscience, wisdom, and wit have a lot to navigate. What a great challenge to meet.

I’d say we have a few candidates that meet my criteria, but not all six. I’ll explain myself in public on Monday. And of course I’ll be listening to our fellow board members who have perspectives and wisdom different from my own.

I hope you know that I’m thinking and feeling my way through this very carefully, with my fierce for this place, and a hope for conviviality at the center of what I do.

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