Rita Graef is our fifth supervisor

[Updated] I’m very pleased to announce that Rita Graef will be joining us as the fifth Ferguson Township supervisor and representative of Ward 3. We had six excellent candidates to choose from. I was most pleased by Ms. Graef’s commitment to volunteerism and previous service to promote volunteerism, her interest in the land and human diversity in Ferguson, and her demeanor when she interviewed. She will make our board that much better.

And we are the first Ferguson board to my knowledge to have a majority of women and we are the only woman-majority board in the COG. It wasn’t a deliberate choice on our parts but it shows how much times have changed.

Jeremy Hartley covered the appointment for the CDT.

I think that in the wake of last year’s community uproar that our board is working together very well. There was an expectation of rancor. I’m happy to say that we’ve avoided that rancor because we communicate with one another as the charter allows (no quorum meetings outside of the public eye) and because we are ultimately invested in the people and the land we’ve been gifted to serve and steward. I’m also happy to say that the lack of rancor is not because we are afraid to dispute or dissent. Gladly, it’s quite the opposite.


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