Cross the bridge. Be the ratchet.

If natural gas is going to be a bridge, then we have to walk across it. If the Paris Agreement uses a ratchet mechanism, then we have to be the ratchet. Today, I switched my electricity to Ethical Electric which uses 100% renewable energy (99% wind with 1% solar), not the hodgepodge of heavy polluters with a sprinkling of renewable energy. Wanna switch?

l_nwkctwinridgesx1200Join me by signing up here at Ethical Energy.  you don’t want to use my referral then don’t. It’s not about money for me. I don’t care about that. You can also switch to other plans at PA Power Switch and shop around. I just know that if we are going to bend the curve on climate and renewable energy, then more of us have to do this at the same time we push for policy changes, technology upgrades, more conservation and less waste, and a deeper love of our land.

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