Marco Rubio bloviates and John Kasich sounds nearly reasonable on climate change

As I’ve said a couple of times, the tide is turning. Which members of the GOP will drown in it and who will learn to swim? Rubio’s drowning. Kasich’s swimming. That’s what I get from the last GOP debate questions on climate change anyway.

Marco Rubio bloviates a bunch of do-nothing hand-waving in the face of climate change.

As Dana Nucitelli notes at The Guardian,

It was similar to the boilerplate response he gave in a previous Republican presidential debate. For example, he claimed that President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and every climate policy proposed by Democrats would cripple the economy, kill jobs, and make energy bill soar. However, studies have shown that carbon pollution pricing would have a minimal, potentially even modestly beneficial impact on the economy if the revenue is returned to taxpayers. Sanders’ proposal takes this approach, refunding 60% of the revenue generated from the carbon tax directly back to Americans.

On the other hand, failing to take action to slow climate change would have immense costs, which is why Florida’s mayors are so concerned.

That response ignores all of the costs of doing nothing, the rising costs of doing nothing, and the damage to the working people of south Florida Rubio tries to hide behind. It also plays into a tragedy of the commons by asserting that India and China are doing nothing when, in fact, they are. For a foreign policy guy, he’s apparently ignorant of global energy developments. And for a leader in a party that loves to talk of innovation, enterprise, and leadership, he is stuck in the mid-last century.

Thankfully, John Kasich gave the Republican Party a dose of its future by sounding like centrists did over a decade ago.

Except for the equivocation on the human contribution to climate change, that sounded like the Obama policy of 2010 which is light years ahead of where Bush was. It’s not so different from Hillary Clinton except in emphasis. Now the proof would be in the pudding, but Kasich, like Chris Gibson and some other GOP representatives, might actually be gaining some sense.


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