Big corporate relationships

Today I was in a meeting with someone from a major corporation with a wing doing very cool work on batteries, renewable energy, infrastructure to support zero carbon economy, and electric vehicles. The representative is knowledgeable, committed, and excited about decarbonization. They, however, are not this company.
Another wing of this company has used the same lobbying firms as the Koch Brothers, Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, Anadarko, the American Natural Gas Alliance, and other bad players. They have lobbied against environmental regulations consistently. Until a few years ago, they were a member of ALEC. A former executive has called climate change “bullshit.”
It’s an ethical puzzle to say the least to be in the room trying to figure out where common ground is, whether the common ground is enough to warrant working together, and what–if any–relationship should exist, who stands the most to lose and win from said relationship, what that corporation ought to be able to claim as credit, and whether we would be greenwashing for them. Tough stuff

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