A very practical post on Presidential candidates

The presidential candidates show us who they are by what kinds of things they stake policy positions on, the number of positions they take, and the detail and rhetoric in those positions. Sanders has position pages on 34 issues. Clinton has 31. Trump has 7.

Each of them address immigration reform, veterans, health care (Medicare for all on Sanders’ page), veterans issues, and . These, then, are clear places of difference and importance in the nation. Interestingly, Sanders and Clinton have a number of overlaps on women’s issues, racial justice, LGBT rights, Wall Street reform, energy, climate, and the environment that stand out. But what’s really interesting is what’s not in common.

For example, Sanders address the disaffected repeatedly. These include Guam, Puerto Rico, Black Colleges and Universities, and people impacted by fracking and natural gas infrastructure. Clinton addresses people with Alzheimer’s, campus sexual assault survivors, and the early childhood education sector. Trump addresses US-China trade.

I’ll paste the Issues links below and you can take a look. There’s a lot that I didn’t cover. But if we are to be an informed electorate then let’s see what our candidates address and don’t address.

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Pick an issue they have in common and compare and contrast them. On women’s issues who addresses the roots of issues? On climate? On immigration? On national defense and the military? On medical insurance and health care?


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