Stop equivocating Trump & Clinton

I’m a Sanders supporter. Period. 

Anyone who equivocates Clinton and Trump isn’t seriously accounting for the gulf between their policy positions. I bet people who say they’re equally bad are willfully ignoring differences in desperate attempts to hang onto some identity-defining position.They’ve made some claim to that effect and now stubbornly cling to it. Or they just hate Clinton so much that they can now expat the same (wrong) claim people made about about Bush and Gore. It’s lazy. Actually it’s worse than lazy.

Most that I’ve read are spiteful, foolish, and infantile. I harbor little love for Hillary Clinton. But on energy, climate, environment, immigration, all aspects of civil and economic justice, the ability to know what’s real, to parlay, and to systematically work through a problem with a coalition she is superior to Trump. Period. At least she knows how to serve others. Trump is a universal wolf eating himself and all those around him alive.


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