Will you send me to the Democratic National Convention?

peter-buckland-grinningI have been selected to be a delegate for presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic National Convention. Will you help put me up on the wave of progressive politics so that I can represent the environmental left?

I come from a long line of pragmatic and idealistic progressives. My great-grandmother claimed to be the first woman to drive across the U.S. unaccompanied by a man, my grandmother went to Stanford almost 80 years ago when very few women were admitted., my father was at Berkeley in the 1960s, my mother worked as an on-the-ground feminist for her whole working life, my sister is a gay and civil rights activist, and I’ve been a social and environmental justice advocate since I was in college.

I’ve stood with black students when the call for equal treatment and an awakening at Penn State about racial inequality was hard. But we occupied our student union to change things.

As an employee at the Center for Women Students and in my daily life, I’ve raised awareness about sexism, sexual assault, and unequal pay. As a teacher at a boy’s school, I was an out feminist.

When it’s mattered most before Orlando, I’ve stood with my community for our gay brothers and sisters. As the brother of a gay woman, this is of utmost importance to me. I will never ever bow from standing up for my sister who holds me in the light every day.

I’ve fought for my town to pass a community and environmental bill of rights that included a ban on fracking. I’ve always put my feet where my mouth is. So when my governor open our state forests to fracking, I rode to Harrisburg to push against it and organized rallies to stop it. When he tried to open our state parks to fracking on Memorial Day, I organized the rally against him. I’ve even worked to push Penn State to work toward a zero carbon emissions goal by 205o.

Will you send me to the Democratic National Convention to be part of a progressive wave? Bernie Sanders has asked us to meet the challenges of equality, justice, care, the common good, and preservation of our natural spaces.

If you donate to my funding campaign, your money will go only toward food, registration, and travel expenses.  The Democratic Convention is July 25-28 in Philadelphia, PA, so please donate by July 18th to ensure that all is set up.

I have to say, this would mean a great deal to me. As a lifelong progressive, I can barely express to you how thrilled I’d be to represent the civil and environmental left at a time when we are needed most.

Will you support me?

If so, please support me at gofundme.


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