Trump can’t spin us with sheriff badges and political incorrectness

I’m not surprised that Trump’s “Star of David” Hillary Clinton meme was created by white supremacists. But that doesn’t mean I’m any less outraged. Are you?

Cory Lewandowski says that people calling this out ignores that the six-pointed star is the same as a sheriff’s badge and that it’s really “political correctness run amok.” You can see him try to contort himself out of it on CNN.

What a huckster.

sheriffbadgeIf it were a sheriff’s star, then we would see balls on the points of the stars. You know, like a real sheriff’s badge. Do yourself a Google Image search on it and see what you get. There are a bunch five-point stars…with little balls on the points of the star. And then there’s a couple of seven-point stars out there. (How’d Westeros get here?) Point is that Trump didn’t pick a sheriff’s badge. He picked a meme created by white supremacists and then passed it off on his own. The image is NOT a sheriff’s badge. It’s a Star of David.

See the water mark in the lower left corner of the image below.


FISHBONEHEAD1. Yep. I would tell you to look at his twitter account @FishBoneHead1 but it’s been taken down. Suffice to say it’s featured plenty of racist and xenophobic garbage on it. Not that the tweet predates Trump’s by two weeks. How innocent Mr. Trump is.

As for Lewandowski’s second claim, there’s nothing about this that’s “political correctness run amok.” David Duke and other white supremacists have endorsed Trump, saying voting against him would be “treason to your heritage.” Trump had an avowed white supremacist as a delegate until he got caught. They’ve been rattling their sabers because his racist anti-immigration statements fuel their hate-fueled ideology. His dog-whistle racism provides just enough cover for them to creep more into the open. It creates a slippery slope toward racial aggression.

There’s nothing politically incorrect about it. Plain and simple, this is anti-Semitic garbage. And it’s just another example of Trump’s total indifference to anything but his own immediate will to power. He will do or say just about anything he can to get there. If he has to sully whole religions to do so, he will. We have to wonder how long it will take for American politics to climb out of this rhetorical cesspool.

Luckily, the campaign can’t play dumb forever. And the more he does this, the more he alienates you and me. We can’t be spun forever.


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