Some things white people can do to show up and stand up for racial justice

Like many of you I’m so troubled by Alton Sterling’s and Philando Castile’s killings at the hands of police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota. I believe firmly that this is a problem that all of us need to confront. As a white person, I have I believe that I have a special role to play in standing up for racial justice and using my voice for the dignity of all people, and especially black people who are systematically with indignity much more often than our brothers and sisters of other races. Please take some time to reflect on who you are, what you can do, and act on one or more of the following six ways you can help, white (or otherwise) from the organization, Showing Up for Racial Justice. It is pulled right from their website. Please visit more.
  • Give to Black-led organizing for Black liberation. A list of suggested organizations is available here.
  • Join the SURJ chapter near you. There are over 150 SURJ chapters organizing for for Black Lives across the country. If there isn’t already a chapter near you, start a new chapter. We can help you get started. We have one in Centre County.
  • Join a national meeting by conference call Tuesday July 12th to connect with others, hear from local organizers in Baton Rouge and the Twin Cities, and discuss plans for nationwide mobilization. Register even if you can’t make the live call. We’ll send you the notes afterwards.
  • Hold a house meeting. Gather your friends and neighbors this weekend to talk about what is happening and what we can do. If you can’t host at home, a picnic table in the park or coffee shop will do. A guide to support you is available.
  • Organize a canvass to talk to other white people on their doorstep about what is happening and bring them into the movement for Black lives. Never done it before? It’s ok, we’ve got a toolkit that will help you get started. We also host weekly calls for coaching and support.
  • Join us in the streets. Now is the time for white people to be visible, courageous and relentless in our public opposition to racism and the state-sanctioned murder of Black people. There are no bystanders when the business of police murder is funded with our tax dollars and runs with our silent consent, and when police union contracts keep police officers who kill from being held accountable. Black people and people of color are targeted by the police and racist vigilantes everyday in their homes, cars, schools, workplaces and in the street. It’s time for white people to say enough is enough publicly and powerfully. If there’s no one in your community protesting, you can start. All you need is two friends and some signs. Email us at if you need support.

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