My take aways on who’s outside of the #DNCC2016 this week? The (understandably) angry left.

I was in two rallies today. Lots of talk. Lots of signs. And since I was focused on the task at hand–marching for a clean energy revolution in this country–I didn’t take pics. But I need to note some of them and some of the feeling in the air.

There were thousands of people in Philly who are convinced that Hillary Clinton is awful. They think she should be arrested. A group of people who marched from Washington, D.C. to Philly over several days said they’re going to try to make a citizen’s arrest on Clinton tonight. “Bring your zip ties,” they said. I assume they are thinking of zip tying her wrists? Good luck. It’ll make good theatre though.

Tons of people who think the election has been stolen. I was handed materials from,, and others about voting irregularities, the recent (non-yet-peer-reviewed) study from Stanford graduate students, WikiLeaks, and others alleging massive and wholesale voting fraud. I’m not going through all of that here.

We need accountability. First, need it for voting “irregularities” in Brooklyn and Arizona and so on. But I’m just not a conspiracy theorist. As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.” I need a really good case to look at, not unvetted studies and patchworks of hearsay. It could be out there. But I just need to see it. Second, I’m thrilled that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is hiding during the DNCC this week and that she’s resigned effective at the end of the convention. She and her apparatchiks did not serve their party at all and fundamentally undermined our confidence in the goodness of the Democratic Party. This damage to the party will rightly last.

Then there there were some pics like this:


And sort of like this but in black and white:


It’s pretty strange when the Tea Party and the far left are both breaking Godwin’s Law and the reduction ad Hitleram but for different reasons. Hyperbole much? I’m not saying there are no criticisms to be made. One need only peruse this blog’s history to see that on TPP, KXL, fracking, Black Lives Matter, the prison-industrial complex, and other issues, I think Secretary Clinton has had to be moved in the right direction if she’s moved at all. But Hitler? Absurd.

There are people Bernie Sanders is a savior. I saw this great comic rendition of Captain America with Sanders’ head pummeling the snot out of Donald Trump:


Some think Sanders is a sellout for endorsing Hillary Clinton. Now he’s almost as bad as her. If he’s not the nominee, who should he have endorsed? Some will say Jill Stein. I disagree. She has no governing experience and the Green Party is just too…well…green…as in young. Without some people with deep experience in governance it would be (to my mind) unwise for Sanders to do that. The continuity of governance is imperative and the progressive left has no presidential candidate who can do that right now. I really really wish we did. But we don’t. That’s part of the long game we have to play.

Then I heard some people kvetching that Sanders is a sellout for starting the Sanders Foundation which shouldn’t have his name on it. I would feel that if I’d ever heard of it. He’s been talking about mobilizing and organizing for down-ticket elections and building the progressive base into local government for the long haul. But has it been named yet? I’m in the dark on this one. Anyone know?

My take aways on who’s outside of the DNCC this week? There are a whole bunch of righteously and (in some cases) rightfully angry people on the left. They are finished being ignored. They are becoming as belligerent and forceful as the Tea Party has been but with better reasons, not the racist conspiracy theories of ultra-nationalist white men.

Hillary Clinton has a lot of work to do. And so do we.


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