Today we marched for clean & #renewableenergy! #CleanEnergyMarch

We have started a clean energy transformation in this country. It’s not a decade from now. It’s not going to start in a year. It’s already started. But what we need is a clean energy revolution. Today at noon, we will be marching from Philadelphia City Hall to the DNCC  tp call for the Clean Energy Revolution! Are you with us? 12512788_799302556869933_4820554981746270408_n

Today, people from across this country met to march in Philadelphia to march and call out in solidarity that the time to begin the rapid transition to 100% clean and renewable energy is now. The technology, the knowledge, the desire and will are all present. I know from personal experience that there are skilled people working in our communities to put solar PV on land in Penn’s Valley and to outfit hospitals, schools and houses with high efficiency fixtures. My students are working for co-ops that are helping respond to demand from the grid to maximize power plant efficiency. My friends and neighbors are putting solar PV on their houses. More of us are entering into power contracts with clean energy providers using solar and wind.

It’s even better though. Today we can put renewable projects in places damaged by old extractive industries. In Pennsylvania, we can use old strip mine land for wind farms, reclaiming that land with switch grass for biofuels, or provide habitat and generate power with solar PV power plants. There are so many options. Imagine it. Energy that can help heal our land, bring communities together, and provide stability and independence. The solar energy industry is the fastest growing portion of the energy market today. It needs long-term stability to maintain its growth and create the good-paying workforce to support and sustain it for the long term. Wind turbine workers are in increasing demand, earning excellent pay and providing meaningful work for thousands of people. Meanwhile, natural gas is in a bit of a lurch while coal is in decline. The energy revolution is not only possible. It’s necessary. At every scale, we the people and we the planet need it. We should no longer accept the sacrifice zones of the coal fields of West Virginia, Kentucky and Wyoming, the fracked towns from Colorado to North Dakota to Pennsylvania, and the cracker plants of Texas and Louisiana.


Poor and minority communities in this country and across the world have paid for this industry with their health and well-being for decades. We have to stop a system that sacrifices not just land, but people for protecting their homes from exploitation.

It’s time to stop that, thank them for their service and sacrifice, and provide them with the dignity they deserve. Our seas, rivers, fields, forests, and atmosphere are changing. We know with overwhelming certainty that we have wrapped the planet in a thicker blanket of warming greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels and deforesting and transforming our land. That thicker blanket is heating the planet to a level unseen in millions of years. And we are warming the atmosphere at a pace unprecedented by nature’s pace in the deep past. If the status quo remains and current projections hold, our students will live in a transformed world. By 2050 Philadelphia’s climate will resemble that of historical Richmond, Virginia, sea level rise of about a foot will put about one million people at high risk, and western and mountain states will face nearly 50% more days of high wildfire potential. It is incumbent upon us to act in the face of such risks. We need to ban fracking, end the era of big coal, prosecute the merchants for doubt, and realize climate justice. But most of all, we need hope to live through the action of love.


The energy revolution is the right thing for us to do for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, and for inhabitants of the creation. If we are to be serious and responsible about our legacy then we will do this. Whether you are Christian or atheist, Muslim or pagan, Jewish or Buddhist, a First Nation person or a transplant, our transcendent creator calls on you to live in concert with the Creation. And if you are committed to the justice and health of all, then you will join us in heart, mind, and deed for a clean energy revolution.


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