#DNC2016 I: We can #FeelTheBern & say #ImWithHer bc we are #StrongerTogether

These #DNC2016 posts will simply be posts of ideas and impressions from my time. Analysis and deeper reflection will come later. They’re as much my gut as anything else. I know that there are many many stories out right now about what happened but I’m not going to bother addressing them. I’m IN the delegation and IN the convention.

Yes. I am well aware that Donald “Il Duce” Trump has gained in the polls. Yes. I know that there are Bernie or Bust people who are flocking to Jill Stein. Yes. I will have a mountain to read on my way home and this coming weekend. This week I’ll be in a bit of a deficit.

I’m so glad Debbie Wasserman Schultz is gone from the DNC. She’s now some kind of honorary member of the Clinton campaign’s 50-state strategy. The Dems people around me claim it has zero power or authority. It’s like saying “Thank you” and putting someone in a closet.

The #StopTPP group has force. TPP is a colossal failure that promotes a race to the bottom for labor standards and wages and opens up our nation and others to corporate suits that override regulation and sovereignty. As a 350.org rep (I think it was May Boeve but I’m not sure) said yesterday:

The difference between the platforms of the Republicans and Democrats is really stark and it came through in the presentation. As Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message.” In this case, the message is the people. When I look around at the floor and the people all around me no matter which campaign, we are the people of the United States. When I look on the stage, it is “We the people” speaking. Gay, black, Christian, disabled, white, first-generation Latino or 5th generation European, we are the people of these United States.

Multiple candidates spoke about ending Citizens United and the power of corporations.

Cory Booker is electrifying. Wow.

Elizabeth Warren spent a good portion of her speech simply beating the hell out of Donald Trump, calling him “a man who has never sacrificed anything for anyone,” someone who has spent “taking advantage of [the] rigged system.” She rightly said, he has “no plans to make anything great for anyone, except rich guys like Donald Trump.”

There was a contingent of Bernie or Bust folks inside. They had a lot of volume early on in the night but lost steam. I was not one of them. Had the DNC fell shy on the platform, I would have joined them. But sans a few things (see below) the platform’s progressive approach on every issue is the result of the hard work we did all primary and that I’ve fought for for years. It’s not perfect. But I’m not making the perfect the enemy of the good and I will not, as Sarah Silverman said, “be ridiculous.” (She was great!) I have fought for that platform to move that way–not on the floor in Orlando but by doing the work that I do–and I’m not walking away from it. I’m not kicking over the other kids’ toys because I didn’t get everything I want even though I believe that we need a fracking ban and formal opposition to the TPP. On that…

We attempted to suspend the rules to amend the platform to formally come out against the TPP, advocate for a fracking ban, and others. It failed. Onward we fight for climate justice and the people of the sacrifice zones across our nation and in my commonwealth. I got my BAN FRACKING sign on the jumbotron and shouted for a fracking ban during Keith Ellison’s speech.

Michelle Obama gave a speech that spoke to our decency. That woman is loved. And she is so right to say that the president sets an example to children. Trump exemplifies what no parent wants their child to be, a greedy, ill-tempered, self-involved, racist, misogynist bully.

And Bernie. I was in tears before he came out. My immediate impression is that he did everything he could to unite the party behind Hillary Clinton. It worked for me but I was already there. It worked for John Fetterman.

But he was already there. In hashtags:


I better get going to a DNC Climate, Energy and Environment roundtable.

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