@BobInglis, the climate and energy champion from the reddest district in the reddest state.

Today I heard Bob Inglis speak at the Penn State Forum. It was thought-provoking and inspiring. As I’ve written before,

Bob Inglis fell from his reddest-of-the-red congressional seat in 2010. He fell in some part because of his views on climate change and energy. As an ultra-conservative, his bona fides had been unquestioned. But with the rise of the Tea Party and his heretical view of climate change he was vanquished in a landslide – 71% to 29% – by his primary opponent. Since then, he’s proudly owned the scarlet letter on his heretical chest and spoken on climate and energy from a place of deep economic conservatism and belief in the market.

He’s calling on us to realize a market-based climate approach based on a “moral obligation to do energy so much better.” Here are my quick thoughts on hearing him today:

  1. Inglis’ message on finding common ground is essential on climate and energy. If we love the creation–conservative or liberal, hierarchical individualists of communitarian egalitarians–we have to find a way through the thorny tribal language.
  2. The revenue-neutral carbon tax could be the way to do it. You can learn more about Inglis’s proposal on that at Republic[En]. The non-partisan Citizen’s Climate Lobby also has a proposal.
  3. As I’ve said for at least the last year on this blog and for longer elsewhere, the tide is turning. Very soon, it will be impossible for most Republicans to run on a climate denial platform. With Republican leaders like Inglis at Republic[En], Hank Paulson at Risky Business, and congressional representatives like Carlos Curbelo and Chris Gibson showing us a way, it’s starting to matter.

And of course, a picture.

Bob Inglis Pres Forum.png


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