Hope & Action on Climate Change. Not Cynicism.

This week’s puzzler at Citizen’s Climate Radio asks you how you’d respond to a cynical and defeatist attitude toward climate change during a Trump presidency.

You are at a community event, and people are speculating on what a Trump presidency will look like. You pipe up, “Well, I am concerned about climate change, so I am going to work that much harder to raise awareness and get the government to change energy policy.” People laugh. They snort. One says, “Oh, nothing is going to happen for the next four years. We are back to coal and other fossil fuels. Might as well take up new hobby.” How do you respond? How can you share what’s in your heart as well as what’s in your head?

I wrote this:

The federal government has never actually been in charge of the nation’s energy use or its portfolio. Plain and simple, the U.S. doesn’t have a government-controlled national energy strategy. It’s got a whole bunch of energy strategies from households and little companies to states and mega-corporations. People can act on every single one of those levels to effect change.

Right now, I’m focusing my efforts at the local level in the municipality where I’m serving a four-year term. How? In 2017 we are rewriting our zoning and it will include incentives for green building and infrastructure. We are getting proposals for a new public works building that will have to be LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Finally, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of all township-owned property for solar PV. These three steps will lead to something more.

I say that hope lives in action. By acting with my board for a lower carbon future, I’m fulfilling a promise to myself, the voters who elected me, my son, and this beautiful home we call Earth.

Will you share what’s in your heart and head too?


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