Given the sheer number of sexual assault survivors I know and their visceral reactions to Trump, it’s clear that his election has created a new division on the political landscape.

You have to recognize that Trump is an abuser at the highest level. It’s not difficult to see. Before and after the election, people excused his “antics” and allowed him to continue gas lighting and abusing anyone who’s opposed or questioned him. The pussy remark. Moving on her like a bitch. It doesn’t matter. 

Trump Truth Watch put together an analysis of Donald’s and Melania’s body language, their behavior together, and the way she talks about him. I’m not going to accuse him of anything, but there are strong indications that he abuses her. He doesn’t let her speak, objectifies her, ignores her in public, and more. Quite telling how when she dances with the uniformed military officer shown in this video, she seems at ease and laughs while when she’s near him she’s clearly on edge.

His fans not only let him off the hook but celebrate his abuse of others and call it “political incorrectness.” They are–some of them–real or would-be abusers themselves. They tell survivors, especially women survivors of assault as well as black men, Latinos and LGBTQ survivors to shut up and get over it. That’s not going to hold. It can’t in a society with the first, thirteenth, and nineteenth amendments.

Survivors are determined, strong, and united in making abusers pay. Now they have a real opponent and they have millions of allies. When Trump said there was carnage, he didn’t know what he was talking about.

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