778 Bullets at Penn State

778 Bullets — film screening and panel with filmmaker Angela Aguayo
Flex Auditorium, HUB-Robeson Center

Tuesday, March 21, 7 p.m.

778 bulletsIn November 1970, university, state and local police shot 778 bullets into an off-campus rental house in Carbondale, Illinois. The residence was rented to a handful of university students; some were assumed to be associated with the local Black Panther Party. Unlike other police raids of known Black Panther residences across the country, the Carbondale Panthers shot back. Using archival material, newspaper accounts, witness testimony and experts in the field, “778 Bullets” presents a little-known history of resistance and resilience in the human struggle for self-determination. The dominant memory of the Black Panther Party would have us believe that the Panthers existed only in major urban cities; this short film documents a more rural presence of radical politics and the struggle for civil rights. Filmmaker and Communication Studies scholar Angela Aguayo, Associate Professor of Cinema and Digital Culture in the Department of Cinema and Photography at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, will discuss the film and take audience questions after the screening.

The “Talking Together About Guns” series of events has been created by Penn State faculty, staff, students, and Centre Region community members who are concerned about guns and violence in our culture. You can learn more about our upcoming events.


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