The COG resolves to welcome people from all cultures, religious beliefs, and ethnicities.

Last Monday, we in the Centre Region Council of Governments affirmed our commitment to “tolerance, mutual respect, equity, and inclusivity.” The COG representatives who voted for the resolution acted on love. It is love that calls for us to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, the love that Martin Luther Kind said, “will help us rise from dark yesterdays to bright and noble tomorrows.”

We had to act in light of Mr. Trump’s two attempts to keep Muslims out of the United States by unconstitutional executive fiats. He has engaged in divisive and xenophobic speech against people from the Middle East and Mexico and remained all too quiet in the face of hate speech, violence, and murder. In short, I believe he has acted contrary to the best American values.

The United States has been and must remain a nation of immigrants. We seek a more perfect union. Our commonwealth, founded by Quaker William Penn and the home of the United States Constitution, must welcome the stranger and offer them peace, security, rights, and equal protection. Our regional community whose culture and economy thrives because of our immigrants from all over the world including from the targeted Muslim nations in the travel ban, we must protect what makes us great. And Ferguson township is home to people from all over the world who have asked us to stand up for them and their neighbors. We commit to loving our neighbors as ourselves so that we can share “bright and noble tomorrows.”

I want to give special thanks to the general forum members from all of the townships and the borough who spoke up on Resolution 2017-1 [see below]. Their love and support of the community are inspiring.

cog inclusion resolution


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