How do we reduce violence in America?

Next Wednesday evening, the residents of our community will wrestle with the issue of violence in America from several perspectives, with the hope and expectation that we can work toward finding areas of common ground. This is your invitation to join that conversation. Peter Buckland and Rosa Eberly’s articles on this page offer two perspectives; hopefully, you will bring yours.

The primary goal of the Public Issues Forum is to provide opportunities for citizens to work through complex, controversial issues, such as gun violence, in a way that allows us to get to the heart of what is important to each of us.

Deliberative forums offer the public an opportunity to think deeply about critical issues by examining what is valuable in different approaches, and weighing the tradeoffs. An important goal of any forum is to have those who attend come to a better understanding of why people with different view points see the issue in the way they do. Another is to discover our areas of common ground for moving forward.

Your voice is essential. Please join us April 19. Register here on our Facebook Event Page.

By David Hutchinson. He is chairman of the Public Issues Forum of Centre County. 


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