Ferguson Township, it’s time to make a Climate Action Plan

On Monday, June 19th, the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors passed a resolution “committing the township to developing and implementing a strategy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emission no later than 2050; to become a leader in the region and commonwealth in pursuing goals established by said strategy; and to engage other stakeholders in a dialogue to develop courses of action to reduce the impact of human-induced climate change to Pennsylvania and people and places around the world.” We have a lot of exciting work to do. We’ve already started on some of it.

In the year and a half since I’ve been in office, we’ve already done things that align with a long-term climate action plan. From water, land, and energy angles, our township has been thinking ahead to both adapt to climate change and mitigate it to ensure a safe, beautiful, and thriving township. These include our stormwater ordinance to deal with increased storm intensity and our electricity contract moving to zero carbon sources. In process right now we have an assessment of township property for solar photovoltaic development, including traffic lights, as well as the design of a high-performance public works building, and ongoing work on our source water protection overlay district. These are the starts, pieces of a puzzle for which we don’t have the complete picture.

Now we have to get serious and make a plan. The board will have to establish some processes to take this on. However we do it, we have to be “transparent, fair, and economically responsible.” Let’s get to work.




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