Is there more to be done? Oh you bet. But in Ferguson, we’re acting on climate change.

A year ago, I put forward Ferguson Township’s resolution to act on climate change. Then in June 2017, we adopted Resolution 2017-14 (read the text here). We recognize that our well-being and the health of the interconnected web of being depends on the stability of the climate we’ve inherited. Its stability requires that we draw down our carbon emissions through as many means as possible, as quickly as possible, and in a way that’s fair, transparent, and economically feasible. The possibilities for changes in agriculture, in forestry and ecosystem preservation, in buildings and infrastructure, in energy, and in the education of our youth are tremendous. The only things stopping us are fear, a lack of imagination, and the poisonous corruption of a few people hellbent on controlling our and our children’s futures. We’ve said enough is enough. It’s time to act.
And acting we are. To cope with peak storm intensity, we have perhaps the most progressive stormwater ordinance in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and we are considering smart measures to guarantee resilient infrastructure for generations that handle that stormwater and protect our precious waterways. We are in the late stages of two major zoning changes that will further protect our source waters and do more to provide the incentives we need to bolster green building and infrastructure. We have a public works building in design that will be powered by solar PV and we buy all of our electricity through wind RECs on the market.
Is there more to be done? Oh you bet. Our Climate Action Committee is compiling an inventory of our township’s emissions so that we know how to respond at the local level. Their recommendations will be key to so much. We are a values-guided township and we value data, analysis, and the trust of our residents. So we’re taking our time so that we know what to do, where, and with whom. If you want to help us out, call your legislators and urge them to adopt Property Assessed Clean Energy legislation in PA so that we can create Clean Energy Districts. That would immediately change our ability to help you and our businesses adopt better energy and building practices and tech. It’s a long road ahead, but it’s an exciting road.

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