“Only the Ancestors Bring Fire” on the Short Edition

My story, “Only the Ancestors Bring Fire” is available on The Short EditionThey love sharing short stories and have provided a platform online for doing just that.

The story: A few years ago, I was mountain biking on Tussey Trail with my friend Paul. We scrabbled over the rocks of the portion we call the Extension and came to the gas line cut that cuts from Tussey Ridge across to Thickhead Mountain and beyond. Down below, near Treaster Kettle Road and Sinking Creek, a fire had started.

A few days later, I was riding in the Scotia game lands. I was going fast through one of the cleanings when I noticed a black bear running parallel to me through the woods.

What would she have thought of this fire? And in a climate changed world, a world wrought by men (and I do mean men), what would she think of us and how we worship our selves and the tools we’ve made to subjugate the world to our wills…including this computer I’m typing on as I sit in airport in Copenhagen, Denmark, thousands of miles from home?

If you are looking for a story with scientific logic, this is not that story. It’s a rumination on the questions a bear might ask about us, the sapient apes. Are we ignorant and unknowing? Is our existence futile? Are we teachable? Do we listen? Can we when we are surrounded by the great din or our own creations?

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