Farewell, Ferguson Township Board

June 24 was my final meet as a Ferguson Township supervisor. For the last three and a half years, I’ve had the good fortune of serving the people, land, waters, and–I hope–other creatures of our area.

It was a bittersweet evening. While I am excited to be moving on to take the next step in life with Lexie and our new family, I will miss serving. The board, sometimes under my leadership, accomplished great things for a place our size. We invested in police body cameras to keep our citizens and our police safe and honest. Recognizing our community is a headwaters community, we passed an ambitious Source Water Protection Overlay zoning district. A growing community that functions well needs good roads, smart traffic, good zoning and responsive service. That’s why we’ve invested carefully in road upgrades and bicycle and walking infrastructure, designed a LEED Gold Public Works Facility, and taken on a major Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. Finally, we have recognized the present threat and opportunity of climate change through our Net Zero Climate Resolution, our greenhouse gas inventory and pending climate action plan, and stated goals and investments in renewable energy and green building. And now I have the distinct pleasure of being the Council of Government’s representative to the regional intergovermental Solar Power Purchase Agreement Working Group and chairing it as well. [Is that a SPPAWG? Terrible acronym.] A true honor to be asked to continue my service and leadership this way.

The board also commendably committed itself to listening to our citizens and stakeholders and involving them as much as possible. We took extra time on ordinances, because of feedback, to make sure we have the right fit. We have been thoughtful, careful, and measured. These are the marks of good governance. JFK’s Secretary of State, Dean Rush, said, “One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears—by listening to them.” I know that we weren’t perfect in that regard and I take responsibility for my part in any needless rancor…not the necessary defense of good policy or the right treatment of people…but unnecessary bickering. Politics at all levels is a challenge and we should always do our best. I believe that if there is one thing this board can be most proud of, it has been to hearing from our citizens and asking them to be involved.

It has been a joy.

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