Resounding Threats. Threatening Sounds. Metal as the sound of global risk.

This Friday at noon, come to Penn State’s HUB to see my presentation “Resounding Threats. Threatening Sounds.” as part of the Sustainability Showcase series.

What does a global threat sound like? The Pentagon, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists all diagnose risks to global society. In the formal language of science, actuarial prediction, and economics, they warn us that pandemics, weapons of mass destruction, failed states, and the failure to address anthropogenic climate change threaten geopolitical, economic, and environmental stability. In this talk, Dr. Peter Buckland will show how the resounding threats to the global order have been the subject of heavy metal songs and how those threats are represented in these bands’ art and music and what it might mean.

Get a teaser by watching my TEDxPSU talk, “What’s the future hold? Ask a metalhead.”

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