Vote Prasenjit Mitra for Ferguson Township on Nov. 5th!

I’m supporting Prasenjit Mitra for Ferguson Township to fill the seat I previously held. He is a perfect candidate for these times of rapid change. 

Mitra is a thoughtful and active community member. Everyone is rightly concerned with regional growth. As just one example, consider how long we have been wrestling over the Whitehall Road Regional Park. The Park has pitted the interests of parents who want more soccer and lacrosse fields against folks worried about sprawl and fiscal conservatives who worry about budgets, not to mention neighbors worried about traffic and noise. Mitra brings the issue together in one person! He is a soccer player and parent, an environmentally conscious nature lover who is leery of sprawl, and as someone who has insights into budgets and budgetary constraints by virtue of being in leadership in the College of Information Science and Technology. 

Mitra is also a renowned expert on changing technology. He has deep expertise on data, artificial intelligence, and social media networks. Some of his research into big data has applied to cancer, showing that he works for health and well-being. There’s no doubt his insights into changing tech will shape responsible policy and investments for Ferguson and the Centre Region, something local governments really need. While his community-mindedness and professional experience are impressive, Mitra’s story to get here is also exceptional.

Mitra is an immigrant to the United States who earned his citizenship. At this critical juncture, we must recognize the true value of diversity and inclusion and show that our area stands against the dark and divisive hate speech touted by failing so-called leaders and stands for the rights of immigrants and minorities. 

Smart. Committed. Inclusive. Vote Prasenjit Mitra on November 5th!

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