From the Centre Daily Times, Nov. 22, 2019

On Wednesday, the Centre Daily Times featured a story on Ferguson Township’s Public Works Facility. Ferguson’s Board approved a bond ordinance and awarded contracts for an exciting and necessary project. The CDT rightly noted the fact that the township recognized demand for the project 20 years ago, the township’s growth in population and that the board has had a commitment to climate action and innovative stormwater protections.

The CDT also stated Mr. Dreibelbis’s and Mr. Wheland’s concerns about finances. The article did not, however, provide some critical financial information showing that these concerns, while understandable, are overblown. Mr. Endresen, the township’s finance director, provided a quarterly financial report showing that Ferguson’s current finances are solid. Additionally, we learned during the bond ordinance discussion that the township has earned a Moody’s AAA Bond rating. That’s better than the United States government’s bond rating.

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Rendering of bays in the Public Works Facility. Image courtesy of Ferguson Township.


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